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  Stock Screen Saver Vs. 1.28 - Updated 06/29/2003.

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What is the Stock screen saver?
This screen saver is freeware, although you may register it for more options.
This screen saver displays current (within 20 minutes) stock quotes and price/volume charts of up to two (Registration gets more) of your favorite stocks. It includes optional password protection and install/uninstall.
NOTE: This requires an Internet connection.

  • 1.28: minimal support for dual monitors (clears second monitor)
  • 1.27: Changed source for Historical charts.
  • 1.26: GUI improvements.
  • Version 1.25: Source updates.
  • New features in Version 1.23: This version is now 32-bit only. To get the 16-bit version see other downloads. Fixes and enhancements in the stock quote retrievals.
  • New features in Version 1.19-1.22: Fixes and enhancements in the stock quote retrievals.
  • New features in Version 1.17 & 1.18 (12/31/98):
    • Fixes on alt. quotes and historical charts.
  • New features in Version 1.14-1.16 (Last Updated 7/28/98):
    • Fixes added to the registered version.
    • Misc. clean-up logic and improvements.
  • New features in Version 1.11-1.13:
    • Misc improvements in code.
    • Added more tickers for the registered version.
  • New features in Version 1.10:
    • Added 256-color mode, so anyone with 256-color or higher can use the screensaver.
    • Misc clean-up and improvements in code.
    • Added IntraDay charts.
    • Added alternate source for quote info.
    • Added 'chart wait time' user option - so you can specify how long the charts should stay on the screen before moving on.
    • Added new registration process.
    • The non-registered version now automatically updates up to two stocks.

What does registering it do?

Click here to find out how to register

[Coming soon - rewriting screensaver]
Sorry, I'm currently rewriting this program - until then, check out my Stock1 program here --> Stock1 program

Note: The Stock screen saver will look best at 256-color or higher. All screen savers will work on 95, 98, NT, ME, Win2k, XP, or later.

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