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  SysSaver1 Screen Saver Vs. 1.02 - Updated 01/02/2003.

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What is the SysSaver1 screen saver?

This is a cool screen saver which displays your system statistics including system model, cpu, etc, in addition to your Memory Usage, System Uptime and CPU Usage. One the other half of the screen, is my space warp. animation. Most of it is in the Star Trek (LCARS) design!
This screen saver only uses < 1% of CPU usage.

I welcome your feedback!

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, Win2000 (or later).
  • 16-bit (High) color or higher
  • Pentium I or faster

This screen saver is basically free (for NON-commerical use).
Feel free to send me a donation if you plan to keep it.
Donations motivate me to make more of these and improve them.

Download - with install (~527 k)

Note: The SysSaver1 screen saver will look best at 256-color or higher, and 800x600 or higher resolution -- although not required.

Older Screen shot (800x600):

(This screen saver looks best at 800x600 or higher resolution).

screen shot (gif)

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