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  USFlag Screen Saver Vs. 3 - Updated 01/20/2009.

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What is the U.S. Flag screen saver?

This is an attractive U.S. Flag screen saver which displays the U.S. flag in motion, as if the wind were blowing it. It's very simple and easy on the eyes.
Vs. 3: Displays the animation full-screen (regardless of your resolution, and supports dual monitors). Older versions: Additional settings include adjusting the speed, wave height, and interval. Older versions do not support multiple monitors and have smaller resolutions (don't auto-size to full-screen).

This is a free screen saver. Donations welcomed.

Screen shot: (simulated animation - actual is better)

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, Win2000, XP or Vista.
  • 16-bit (High) color or higher
  • Pentium I or faster

I have three versions available:
  • Latest Version 3 - USFlagv3.exe - includes install/uninstall (~1.4 meg)

  • Old version: 800x600 resolution: USFlagss1.exe - install file (~1.3 meg)

  • Old version: 1024x768 resolution: USFlagss2.exe - install file (~1.6 meg)

  • "Thanks again for your patiotic ideas. I love the screen saver and it is now on all the computers at the office in our Jenny Craig branch in New Jersey. Keep up the good work. Joyce"
  • "Dear Kelly...I am in Caracas, Venezuela, and I really appreciate your designs, THIS ONE VERY ESPECIALLY, I will send it to my friends who will also love it, for sure!...WE ARE COMPLETELY WITH THE USA IN THESE TERRIBLE MOMENTS, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP! HUGS, MARUJA "
  • "Hi Kelly; THANK YOU I work with a bunch of foreigners and am I glad I can have that on my screen when I am not at my desk. Ciao for now, Ron"
  • "Love it! I was looking for one the other day, but couldn't find one I liked. Thanks, RoxeAnn"

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