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  Binary Clock Screen Saver Vs. 1.1

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What is the Binary Clock screen saver?

This is a donationware (free but donations accepted) screensaver. It displays the current time in both binary and digital format. The clock randomly moves around the screen every 15 seconds. Includes dual monitor support. :)

If I receive enough donations, I'll make more enhancements and options. :)

Binary Clock screen shot

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, Win2000 (or later).
  • 16-bit (High) color or higher
  • Pentium I or faster

binclockss.exe (~ 350k)
Includes unzip options - just chose your Windows (or winnt) folder to unzip it to.
To uninstall, just delete binclockss.scr from your system.

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