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 Screen Savers

Welcome to my screen saver section. Here you will find custom screen savers, freeware screensavers, shareware screen savers and examples of commercial screen savers. If you need a custom screensaver, please contact me for details!
Here are a few examples of the types of screensavers I can do for you:
  • Custom screensaver for your company or business.
  • Custom screensaver for your home business.
  • Custom screensaver for your family.
  • Custom screensaver for your spouse.
  • Custom screensaver for your local club.

Download Screen Savers!

CUSTOM Screen Savers:
    Click here for details on how to have one made for you or your company!

Cool Tool:
This program allows you to start your screen saver on demand. It can also hide and show your desktop icons for you - all from the tray. This works with Win 95, 98, ME, NT, Win2k and XP (or later). Just save the files on your local hard drive somewhere and create a shortcut to the exe file. My readme text file is included.
View IconHider page

More on my screen savers:
  • Register: To find-out more about how to register.
  • User Feedback: To see what people have said about my screen savers.

These screen savers will work on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, Win2k, and XP (or later). They all come with readme.txt file and optional password protection. If you have any questions, please submit a feedback form. I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have!

If you want to be updated when I add, update and/or enhance screen savers, please click here to be added to my free e-mail newsletter list.

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